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Title: Effect of postharvest UV-B treatment on gene expression of hydrogen peroxide-regulating enzymes in broccoli florets during storage
Authors: สุกัญญา เอี่ยมลออ
Issue Date:  8
Abstract: The effect of electrostatic atomized water particle (EAWP) treatment on quality maintenance during postharvest storage was determined to clarify a physiological role of reactive oxygen species in broccoli florets. The EAWP treatment suppressed the floret yellowing of broccoli during storage. The hydrogen peroxide content increased immediately after EAWP treatment but then remained at a low level during storage. Catalase (CAT) activity increased rapidly with EAWP treatment and was higher than that in the control for the first 4 days of storage. The BoCAT gene expression level with EAWP treatment also showed a high trend as compared to the control. The gene expressions of BoRboh, BoCu/ZnSOD, and BoAPX showed almost the same tendency with or without EAWP treatment. These findings suggested that hydrogen peroxide formed by EAWP treatment and regulated by CAT could be relevant to maintaining the quality of broccoli.
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