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dc.contributor.authorParinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn
dc.contributor.authorMonsit Tanasittikosol
dc.contributor.authorSikarin Yoo-Kong
dc.identifier.citationNgiamsunthorn, P. S., Tanasittikosol, M., & Yoo-Kong, S. (2016, July). Bringing the Real-World Context into Mathematics: A Case Study of Project Based Assignment in Elementary Calculus for Engineering Students. In The international STEM Education Conference (iSTEM-Ed 2016).
dc.description.abstractA project bridging the mathematical content to the real-world application was designed and used in the Elementary Calculus course. This course was designed as a module to teach first and second year engineering students at Ratchaburi campus, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). The teaching methods included 2-hour lecture and 2-hour discussion class per week. On top of these methods, the students were assigned a project-based assignment as a team. The project discussed in this paper was used with the first year students during the second semester of academic year 2014. In the project, the students had to apply the concepts of multiple integrals order to calculate the volume flow rate of water provided by the water wheel. The assessment was evaluated by using marking rubric measuring three aspects – knowledge, communication and problem-solving skills. In addition, interview was also conducted as a method to assess students’ attitude towards the project. According to the assessment, the tudents showed a relatively good feedback at the end of the course. For example, after completing the project, the students’ attitude towards the mathematical aspects of real-world connection was improved. Moreover, the project harpens their experimental skill, which is one of the necessary skills in science and engineering. In terms of the knowledge, the students showed a deeper understanding at the topic of multiple integrals compared to other topicscovered in the end-of-term examination.
dc.titleBringing the Real-World Context into Mathematics: A Case Study of Project Based Assignment in Elementary Calculus for Engineering Students
dc.typeResearch Report
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