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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
ปก195.JPG1998A child's first dictionary-
2017A deletion of the gene encoding amino aldehyde dehydrogenase enhances the “pandan-like” aroma of winter melon (Benincasa hispida) and is a functional marker for the development of the aromaดร.นงนาถ พ่อค้า
ปก1192.JPG13-Feb-2020A field guide to forest trees of Northern ThailandGardenr, Simon,Pindar Sidisunthorn,Vilaiwan Anusarnsunthorn
ปก1073.JPG9-Jul-2020A field guide to some tree seedlings in Thailand (with Thai translation)Hellum, A. K
A New Metazoan Recombination Rate.png2016A New Metazoan Recombination Rate Record and Consistently High Recombination Rates in the Honey Bee Genus Apis Accompanied by Frequent Inversions but Not Translocationsมนัญญา เพียรเจริญ,ดร.; Katelyn Jo Miller; Olav Rueppell; Ryan Kuster; Katelyn Miller; Bertrand Fouks; Sara Rubio Correa; Juan Collazo; Mananya Phaincharoen; Salim Tingek; Nikolaus Koeniger
2016A numerical study of the European option by the MLPG method with moving kriging interpolationP. Phaochoo; A. Luadsong; N. Aschariyaphotha
FRAP.png2016A preliminary Comparison of Antioxidants of Tomato Fruit Grown Under Organic and Conventional Systemsสุกัญญา เอี่ยมลออ,ดร.; Apiradee Uthairatanakij; Pongphen Jitareerat; Ashariya Maneenoi
ปก866.JPG12-Feb-2020After Par วงสวิงความสุข ของคนรักกอล์ฟทั่วเมืองไทยการท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย
2018Alkali-Activated Composites of Calcium Carbide and Black Rice Husk Ash for Immobilizing Electroplating Sludgeรุ่งโรจน์ ปิยะภานุวัตน์,ผศ.ดร.; Rungroj Piyapanuwat; Suwimol Asavapisit
ปก1411.JPG2001An Atlas of Orchid Pollination America, Africa, Asia and AustraliaVan der cingel, N. a. (nelis a.)
ปก713.JPG2000An introduction to fossils and minerals : seeking clues to the earth's pastErickson, Jon, 1948-
1-58-15.jpg2013Application of nitric oxide to extend the shelf life of mango fruitT.T.L. Tran; S. Aiamla-or; V. Srilaong; P. Jitareerat; C. Wongs-Aree; A. Uthairatanakij