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2-58-6-1.jpg2016Optimization of lipid production by Mortierella isabellina using glycerol, a by-product of biodiesel production, as a carbon sourcePornpun Siramon; Vittaya Punsuvon; Aksorn Riengsilchai
2016A numerical study of the European option by the MLPG method with moving kriging interpolationP. Phaochoo; A. Luadsong; N. Aschariyaphotha
2016Bringing the Real-World Context into Mathematics: A Case Study of Project Based Assignment in Elementary Calculus for Engineering StudentsParinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn; Monsit Tanasittikosol; Sikarin Yoo-Kong
16-Jun-2016Effects of stingless bee propolis on Nosema ceranae infected Asian honey bees, Apis ceranaดร.มนัญญา เพียรเจริญ; Mananya Phiancharoen; Mark Eric Benbow; Guntima Suwannapong; Tanawat Yemor
Effect of medium solvents on crystallin.._Page_1.jpg2017Effect of medium solvents on crystalline degree and specific surface area of Cu3BiS3 nanoparticles synthesized by biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal and solvothermal methodsดร.กมลวรรณ อูปเงิน; K. Aup-Ngoen; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem; P. Dumrongrojthanath
2-60-7.jpg2017Effect of Tannin Addition as a Bio-Scavenger on Formaldehyde Content in ParticleboardTrairat Neimsuwan; Pornpun Siramon; Pongsak Hengniran; Vittaya Punsuvon
Scientific note on Apis koschevnikovi.png2017Scientific note on Apis koschevnikovi chewing petals of an orchid flower (Dipodium species O’Byrne KIP1272) in Borneoมนัญญา เพียรเจริญ,ดร.; Gudrun Koeniger; Nikolaus Koeniger; Peter O’Byrne; Anthony Lamb; Mananya Phiancharoen; Herbert Lim; Steven Bosuang; Samuel Tihoi
2017A deletion of the gene encoding amino aldehyde dehydrogenase enhances the “pandan-like” aroma of winter melon (Benincasa hispida) and is a functional marker for the development of the aromaดร.นงนาถ พ่อค้า
2017Utilization Ceramic Wastes from Porcelain Ceramic Industry in Lightweight Aggregate ConcreteRungroj Piyaphanuwat; Suwimol Asavapisit
2017“Up” or “down” that makes the difference. How giant honeybees (Apis dorsata) see the worldChristoph Kurze; Mananya Phiancharoen; Gudrun Koeniger; Nikolaus Koeniger
2017Deep Textual Searching for Visual Semantics of Personal Photo Collections with a Hybrid Similarity Measureดร.เตชค์ฐสิณป์ เพียซ้าย; Tejtasin Phiasai; Nutchanun Chinpanthana
2017CO2 emission of tourist transportation in Suan Phueng Mountain, ThailandOrawan Duangphakdee; Angsumalin Jamnongchob; Phongthep Hanpattanakit; อรวรรณ ดวงภักดี
1-60-11-2.jpg2017Ground state entanglement entropy for discrete-time two coupled harmonic oscillatorsW. Kantayasakun; S. Yoo-Kong; T. Deesuwan; M. Tanasittikosol; W. Liewrian; ผศ.ดร.สิขรินทร์ อยู่คง
1-60-4-01.jpg2017Stability results of a fractional model for unsteady-state fluid flow problemรศ.ดร.นิติมา อัจฉริยะโพธา
2017The multiplicative Hamiltonian and its hierarchySaksilpa Srisukson; Kittikun Surawuttinack; Sikarin Yoo-Kong
59-8-1.jpg2017Effect of Seasons and Sources of Raw Water on the Properties of Water Treatment Residue Compacted ClayWoottipong Prakongwittaya; Suwimol Asavapisit; Rungroj Piyapanuwat; Teerawut Muhummud; รุ่งโรจน์ ปิยะภานุวัตน์
2018สภาพความเป็นอยู่ ภูมิศาสตร์ บ้านเฮาเจ๋ง
2018Alkali-Activated Composites of Calcium Carbide and Black Rice Husk Ash for Immobilizing Electroplating Sludgeรุ่งโรจน์ ปิยะภานุวัตน์,ผศ.ดร.; Rungroj Piyapanuwat; Suwimol Asavapisit
2018Factors affecting photobiological hydrogen production in five filamentous cyanobacteria from Thailandปณัตดา ยอดแสง; P. Yodsang; A. Incharoensakdi; P. Mäenpää; E-M. Aro; W. Raksajit
2018Learning Development by Using Peer Assisted Learning: A Case of Residential CollegeMai Noipitak; Nuttapong Prasertsung; Sukanlaya Tanitiwaisawaruji